1 ½ hr race

12-15 Boys

  • 300cc Max Production

    • Orange Plate-white Letters 

12-15 Girls

  • 300cc Max Production

    • Orange Plate-Black Letters 

  • 12-15 Mod         

    • 300cc Max Modified       

      • White Plate-Orange Letters

      1. 200-300cc 4 stroke and 2 stroke modified.  Ages 12-15.  The ​following may be changed or added:Tires (no tire balls), wheels, exhaust, sprockets, handlebars, grips, handlebar pads, front bumper, rear grab bar, air filter, jetting, steering stabilizer, carburetor, A-arms, axle and frame reinforcements. Engine and frame do not need to match.

  1. Production Rule: OEM motor and matching frame combination model required (matching year NOT required). Frame must remain as designed by OEM, including all suspension pivot points. Engine modifications, frame reinforcements, and after market A-arms, caster brackets, swing-arms and suspension are permitted.